We are proud to announce our inaugural cooking evening...

Common Ground

This Saturdays event (aimed at all our single friends out there) is an evening with the lovely Gourmet Angel who will be guiding you through her devilishly delicious dining delights while you enjoy a drink or three.

Meet, Chat, Eat & Enjoy!

Tickets are still available at the cafe or over the phone. 

It's all fine and Dandy!

"You must drink a lot of coffee, right?" It was maybe 2pm and they were right, I would have made myself maybe five or six different variations on the espresso theme, not to mention the odd unintentional mis made brew that looked too good to tip away.

As a barista it seems unthinkable to recommend a caffeine free bevvy but that my friends has all changed. 

Meet Jake Lawson. Ex-barista, dog owner, all round nice bloke and the head alchemist at Dandy by Jake. D by J, in Jake's words, is a special brew and we definitely agree. With a roasted dandelion base this delicious chai is then flavoured and sweetened naturally using organic spices and medjool dates making it completely caffeine and refined sugar free.   

Not only do we whip up D by J's for our in house or takeaway customers but we are now retail stockists so you can buy a bottle of your own and get brewin' at home. 

Dandy by Jake is getting more popular by the day and has seamlessly slipped in to our cafe vocabulary - "So that's a large Dandy on soy and a flat white?" ...."Here's your Dandy sir"...But don't take our word for it, next time your here, ask for it by might just change you life!